Swimming pool & hot-tub care

Swimming pool & hot-tub care

Whether you have a luxurious, permanent in-ground outdoor or indoor pool, an above-ground pool that you put up each summer or a hot-tub, you need to keep it in tip-top condition so you can take the plunge once the weather warms up.

Pool experts BTU Pools of Woking let us in on some trade secrets that you can use to keep your pool pristine this summer!

There is nothing worse than thinking your pool or hot tub is ready, once the sun comes out only to find that your cleaning and hygiene routine is not quite up to the mark and the water is less than sparkling and fresh.

Simplest of all is to check the pH, chlorine and sanitiser levels a couple of times a week in summer and clean and treat your pool as you go. If you do this, your pool is very unlikely to develop any problems, which are always more expensive to deal with.  Investing in a tester kit is a good idea, also if you’ve got a hot-tub or a small pool, get a floating dispenser which will be dispensing the sanitiser but you will still need to monitor levels as these are affected by weather and use.

Then weekly, remove all the debris you find in the skimmers, floating on top or lying on the bottom of the pool. If debris is left in the pool as well as looking unsightly, it uses the chlorine up and can make the water look cloudy or even green if not dealt with promptly. You can use nets on telescopic arms to remove debris, although there are some great mobile pool cleaners that you can use too.

To make the chlorine work most effectively is to keep the pH to its optimum levels, (between 7.2 and 7.6) as otherwise, you will need to treat the water with expensive chemicals. Be aware that things that affect the health of the water include rain, sun levels, sun creams worn by bathers and the type of chemicals being used.

If you have a filter and a pump, make sure they are working efficiently. Permanent in-ground pools normally require about 8 hours. A great tip is to run the pump during the day with the cover on. This means that the water will take heat from the cover and will circulate throughout the pool.

Finally, make sure you have a tester kit and the right treatments on hand so you can adjust the balances in the pool and optimise the time you and your family can enjoy it.

However, for in-ground pools ensuring you have the right maintenance company supporting you is often the best approach to take, they will keep everything running smoothly so you can concentrate on enjoying your pool.