Looking after your houseplants

Looking after your houseplants

To enjoy your indoor plant in your house for a long time, you must know what kind of care your houseplant needs. With the tips below, it should be all right!

1. Put the plant in the right place

A healthy plant is in the right place. That is: not directly in the sunlight, but also not entirely in the dark. Most houseplants grow best in an area with enough light, but not too much so that the distribution is as natural as possible.

2. Give the plant the right amount of water

It is difficult to give plants enough water without letting them drown. The right amount of water varies per plant. If the leaves of the plant feel dry, give the plant a little water. Also, consider where your houseplants usually live in nature. For example, a cactus needs very little water because it normally grows in dry areas.

3. Give the plant space

If you bought a plant that is still growing, it is wise to give the plant some space in the house rather than putting in in a corner.

4. Keep your plant clean

In nature, plants will be washed by the rain and dust will be blown away by wind, but in the house the circumstances are slightly different. Therefore,  take a feather duster along the plants every once in a while so that they can breathe again.

5. Give your plant food

Plants sometimes need an extra vitamin boost. Give your plant food once in a while. There is loads of plant feed out there, check what your plant needs beforehand. Nowadays, liquid food is quite popular which can be easily mixed with water.

6. Put your indoor plant outside

Sometimes it is good for an indoor plant to stand outside. Do this especially with (sub) tropical trees, such as palms, lemon or olive trees. In the summer, these trees can stand out in the sun, but in winter, it’s too cold for them.

7. Think carefully about the pot

Repotting can’t always benefit a plant. So if this is not necessary, do not do it. Just keep the plant in the plastic container and put it in its entirety in a nice pot on a platter to catch the water. This makes it much easier for yourself.