DIY: Create your own Christmas arrangement

DIY: Create your own Christmas arrangement

What is more fun than making a Christmas arrangement yourself? This is the time to bring Christmas into your home. A homemade Christmas arrangement on the dining table makes this Christmas extra festive and personal. In this article, we give you tips about how you can easily make a Christmas piece yourself. Good luck!

What you need:

  • low spacious flower pot
  • large scale for under the Christmas arrangement
  • block floral foam (oasis)
  • moss
  • various decorative green branches such as berry twigs, branches with acorns and eucalyptus twigs
  • 2 large Christmas balls
  • 6 to 9 small Christmas balls
  • 5 pine cones
  • winding wire
  • artificial crystal snow
  • fry with water
  • sharp knife
  • pruning shears

All supplies can be found in our garden centre at Petersfield.

The step-by-step plan:


1. Making the floral foam ready for use

Put the floral foam in a container with water and let it suck slowly full. When the foam is full of water, it drops to the bottom. The floral foam is then ready for use.

2. Fill the flower pot with floral foam

Cut a third of the block of floral foam horizontally. First put the large piece upright in the middle of the flower bowl. Cut the small piece of oasis in half and fill the sides with it. Then, cut the middle part of the foam and cut the top, which protrudes above the pot, diagonally, in a somewhat round shape

3. Cover the sides with moss

Cover the foam on the sides with moss. Make sure the moss is nicely firm and then put some green branches with acorns in the moss. Let the twigs fall over the edge a bit.

4. Cover the remaining foam with moss

Cover the floral foam with moss in the centre and insert some eucalyptus twigs here and there. All floral foam is now eliminated.

5. Apply the Christmas decorations

Make tufts of three from the little Christmas balls. Process the Christmas decoration, divided the Christmas decoration over the pot, in the green.

6. Add berry twigs

Put some berries in your Christmas piece. Cut small twigs with as many berries as possible and stick them on the sides and on top of the green.

7. Place the Christmas piece on a scale

Take a large flat dish, preferably in a colour that you also used in the Christmas arrangement. Place the Christmas piece in the middle of the plate and place some moss, eucalyptus and berry twigs around the pot. Finally, lightly sprinkle some powder snow on the top, for a nice winter Christmas combination.


Are you ready to get started? Get all the necessities for a beautiful Christmas arrangement now at Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield.

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