Indoor style: urban yet outdoorsy

Indoor style: urban yet outdoorsy

Styling an urban yet outdoorsy home means thinking about creating a contemporary feel with warm vibes, bringing the outside in and connecting with nature. Think of natural wood furniture and nature-themed accessories with plant patterns and fabrics. Creating a minimalist but warm feel can be tricky so use these tips below to style your home with the environment in mind.


Use light wooden furniture for an urban yet outdoorsy style

To bring the outside in but keeping the urban style, use light coloured woods in their natural form or very lightly painted coloured wood with colours such as Pantone White Optic. It’s very important to include sustainable materials for the true feel. Light coloured coffee tables and shelving with plants works really well plus wooden chairs and picture frames.


The urban yet outdoorsy style needs accessories

  • Houseplants are vital to creating this style and large plants in light, textured pots are ideal to really feel nature in the room. Ensure the pots have an urban twist and place lots of smaller plants together or larger pots with Palms or a trendy Monstera for large foliage.
  • A mix of cushions in a range of fabrics, some with nature-themed prints placed on chairs and sofas will add to the style. Use colours such as bright yellow and garden green to give that mix of outdoor sunshine and green lawn.
  • Add in some chrome or silver small accessories for the light to bounce off, giving a light, summery feeling. Chrome tables legs will give a great urban edge to a room.
  • Place natural ceramic pieces on windowsills and tables in white, beige and blush pink to give a gentle outdoorsy look. Candles and curtains all add to the urban yet outdoorsy theme.


An urban yet outdoorsy interior needs natural flooring and fire

To finish the look, natural tiles or wooden floors are essential with wool rugs and an urban style log burner to complete the whole room. All great ways to bring the outside in and round it off with the urban touch.


Be sustainable and environmentally aware

One key element for this style of design is about sourcing the materials and accessories sustainably to incorporate in your home and really get that sense of the urban outdoors. Natural wicker baskets and bins made locally and fabrics woven with natural materials are a great way to do this. Shop local and even make some items yourself. Remember to keep the colours light including grey and light browns.


If you are looking for that urban, outdoorsy style for your home, come along to our garden centre for plenty of inspiration.


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