Annuals Trotton-Rogate

Annuals Trotton-Rogate A great display of annuals in Trotton-Rogate awaits you in Aylings Garden Centre. As gardening experts, we stock the perfect collection of annual plans for our customers. Annuals are plants that bloom for a season and then fade away and need to be replaced. However, they are easy to plant and come in many beautiful shapes, sizes and colours. They are among the necessities in a British home garden, and so we have a whole collection of them ready to doll up your garden.


Our formidable displays of annuals in Trotton-Rogate

While in terms of hardiness, annuals come in just hardy and semi-hardy categories, there are many other ways to classify them, thanks to their endless variety. Our collection of annuals in Trotton-Rogate is second to none because we keep a consistent focus on variety. We have the following kinds of annual plants ready for your garden:

  • Bedding annuals: You can fill your garden beds with annuals that bloom in an endless range of colours. Bedding annuals are often used to make borders bright and colourful. Our collection of bedding annuals in Trotton-Rogate includes Lubega Tricolour, Snow Pixies, Busy Lizzie, Begonias, Daisies, Geraniums, Madame Butterfly, and many more.
  • Container annuals: While you are pouring colour into your garden, you might also want to sprinkle some in your rooms or patio. Annuals make excellent container plants and many of them are often grown and decorated only in pots. Our display of container annuals in Trotton-Rogate includes many favourites, such as Tresco Purple, Busy Lizzie, Begonias, Minitunia, Laurentia, Lobelia, Gazania, and many more.
  • Winter Flowering Annuals: Because they are easy to plant and look after, hardy annuals can be a great choice for the winter when most other plants do not bloom and the garden looks bland and dormant. With winter flowering annuals, you can create beddings that will give your garden a lot of colour and freshness during the chilly parts of the year. Our winter flowering annuals in Trotton-Rogate include Pansies, Violas, Primroses, Wallflowers, Sweet William, and many more.
  • Groundcover Annuals: Groundcover annuals have many unique benefits, some of which include the fact that they hide away the lowest parts of your borders and that they are quite easy to grow. They also prevent weeds from infesting your plots. Our collection of groundcover annuals in Trotton-Rogate includes Laurentias, Nicotianas, Petunias, Bidens, and many others.
  • Climbing Annuals: Climbing annuals are perfect to make your pergolas, fences, and trellis look gorgeous and send off an array of aromas that make anybody passing by smile. Naturally, climbing annuals are excited to be in your garden and make their presence known within days. Our displays of climbing annuals in Trotton-Rogate include the popular plants from the Sweet Pea and Thunbergia Alata families.
  • Scented Annuals: If you are looking for plants that fill the air around them with beautiful fragrances, scented annuals can be a great place to start. They are easy to plant and maintain, and you can always replace them in the next season if you do not particularly like them. Bunching a few of them in your borders and beddings can fill the garden with a beautiful mix of fragrances. The most popular ones in our collection of scented annuals in Trotton-Rogate are the Laurentia Fizz n Pop Glowing Purples, Petunias, Antirrhinums, Marigolds, Sweet Peas, and others.
  • Cut Flower Annuals: If you like keeping flowers in your vases, dedicating a portion of your garden to cut flower annuals is always a good idea. You get beautiful blooms fast through the season, fresh to go into the drawing room with their gorgeous petal arrangements, mesmerising hues, and soothing fragrances. Our range of cut flower annuals in Trotton-Rogate includes Calendulas, Antirrhinum Maji, Dahlias, Rudbeckias, and many more.

Besides annuals, we stock a lot of other plants at Aylings garden centre, such as climbers and perennials!


Growing annual plants in Trotton-Rogate

As expert growers of annuals in Trotton-Rogate, we have long since developed the strategy of combining the power of tradition with the accuracy of modernity. Using the methods of old to mix soils and looking after the seedlings in combination with modern technology has made our plants exceptionally good with healthy foliage and prime blooms. Our special care and expert gardening skills make our annuals plants in Trotton-Rogate of the best possible quality, ready to go into your garden and add that exceptional quality to it as well.


Get expert advice on growing annuals expertly

We are always happy to advise our customers when it comes to taking care of annuals, either in person at the garden centre as well as that we have dedicated a few pages including tips and tricks for growing annuals. Of course, we are also happy to help you find the annuals that suit your needs. Come and visit our Garden Centre in Trotton-Rogate to get anything you need for your garden!