Climbing Plants Hampshire

We offer a range of beautiful climbing plants in Hampshire in our garden centre in Petersfield. At Aylings Garden Centre, you will find the boldest collection of climbers that you will ever come across anywhere in the county. We keep this huge collection of climbers because they are fun to try in the garden, grow and bloom very easily, and give you blooms of exceptional beauty with an incredible variety of vivid hues and forms. If you have any questions about our climbers, please contact us

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Different types of climbing plants near Hampshire

Climbers come in many types and fall in just about every major category of flowering plants. Some of them are hardy and semi-hardy, while many others are tender. Some of them are annuals by definition, blooming for one season before fading away, while many others are perennials, able to bloom year after year in their season. Our displays of climbing plants in Hampshire include them all.

  • Hardy Climbers: Climbers are known for their unyielding ambition. They will grow taking support from any furniture you leave around them, using a wall, or trellis or a pergola in, and fences around, your garden. Hardy climbers are climbing plants that use sturdy leaf stalks and flexible sucker pads to cling to their support to grow all over it.
  • Semi-Hardy Climbers: Semi-hardy climbers come in many more specimens and are among the favourites of most British gardeners. Many of them last only a season but many others bloom repeatedly year after year, although that requires a lot of special care, especially in subsequent years. 
  • Tender Climbers: Tender climbers are conservatory plants. Do not expect to take them home and plant them in the garden right away. As the name suggests, they are quite tender and require unresisting supports to grow. More climbers in Hampshire for your garden

Climbing plants Hampshire_Aylings

Our Hampshire climbing plant collection

As garden centre, we have mastered the importance of giving our customers everything they want for their garden. When it comes to stocking climbers in Hampshire, we focus on providing our customers with the same kind of variety. While visiting Aylings Garden Centre, we welcome you to speak to our staff and ask for advice. They will be more than happy to hear you out and guide you through the best way to take care of the climbers you choose.

More than just climbing plants in Hampshire

Of course, Aylings Garden Centre stocks lost of other plants and is also the right choice when it comes to other gardening items, such as hand tools and garden protection products. Besides that, you might as well want to visit our tea room for a drink and/or some food, from a small piece of cake to a main meal such as a bacon cheeseburger. Visit our garden centre in Hampshire to get your favourite climbing plants or other garden essentials any day of the week!