Food Shop Pethworth

Visit our traditional food shop in Pethworth. At Aylings Garden Centre, we are proud to bring the best of the classic and the modern in all things we do. Our food shop is evidence to it, where we stock the finest products, including jams, chutneys, oils, pasta, sherbet lemons, liquorice, and ice cream, coming to us from the brands you have trusted for years upon years. If you have any questions about our food range, please contact us

Food shop Pethworth_Aylings

The exquisite collection in our traditional food shop in Pethworth

At Aylings GC, we love to stock items our customers love to use in their garden and others that they want in the pantry, such as the great range of products display in our traditional food shop in Pethworth. In the shop, you will find the following and much more to entice your palate without getting heavy on the pocket.

  • Cottage Delight: The brand is recognised across Britain as a great manufacturer of handmade fruit jams stirred in copper pans before they are packed into small containers. They come in many flavours, and so do the chutneys and dressings. We also stock other products of Cottage Delight in our food shop in Pethworth, including their delectable crackers and breadsticks and the signature handmade fudge that started the brand’s journey 44 years ago.
  • Italian Flavours: If you have a thing for Italian foods, our traditional food store in Pethworth will give you tonnes of joy. We keep various kinds of conventional Italian pasta that comes in many shapes, pure edible oils and vinegars perfect to accompany salads and sauces, nutrient-rich olives to go with pastas, pizzas and salads, coffee with all its famously Italian flavours, and many kinds of cakes to go with that cuppa. In short, our collection of Italian food in Pethworth is second to no other food shop.
  • Traditional Sweets: Of course, we want the children in your house to be happy, too. Our stock of traditional sweets will allow you to take home healthy and delicious rosy apples, sherbet lemons, aniseed, liquorice, and much more from Bon Bon’s - a small sweet maker from Wetherby.
  • New Forest Ice Cream: If you like your sweets ice-cold, we recommend the many flavours you will find in our displays of New Forest Ice Cream products. Their secret recipes are a mystery but they make the best ice cream you will ever have, and we stock a tonne of flavours they make in our food shop.

Food shop Pethworth_Aylings

Bringing you the best-packed food products for your pantry

We have always taken pride in bringing the best of quality to our customers. Whether it is the plants in our garden centre or the food items in our food shop, we make sure that the product comes from a trusted brand. This is why the products you bring home from our food store will deliver perfect flavours, freshness, and delicious aromas. You might want to talk to our experts in the food shop about our product lines. They will be happy to answer your questions without hesitation and in detail.

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Come and visit our traditional food shop in Pethworth for delicious flavours and healthy products and allow yourself to stroll through the rest of our garden centre offerings, where you can most likely get inspired for the looks of your outdoor area! Besides that, you might as well want to visit our tea room for a drink and/or some food, from a small piece of cake to a main meal such as a bacon cheeseburger. Visit our garden centre in Hampshire to get your favourite climbing plants or other garden essentials any day of the week!