Garden tips May

Garden tips May

May is a month when the garden comes to life completely. Also for the gardener is this a beautiful month. May is the month of pruning, planting, mowing the lawn, weeding and pest control. But also a month to replace or tidy up the garden furniture. Here you will find a number of ideas about what to do in your garden in May. Aylings Garden Centre wishes you lots of fun in your garden!


May is one of the two peak months in the year when it comes to grass growth. The second peak month takes place in August. You will have to mow your grass extra often during this period. From now on, do not forget the nutrition of the grass, because what you mow and remove is part of the food supply of the grass plants.

Mow a new lawn for the first time when the grass is 5 cm high. Do not mow too short, adjust the mower to maximum height. Now give special long-acting lawn fertilizer, then the turf will remain strong for much longer and will go into the summer healthy. At Aylings Garden Centre we have a wide range of lawn mowers.


Pick out weeds by hand. In dry weather, less soil remains on the weed roots. Hoeing is also possible of course, but be careful not to damage the roots of the perennials. A spud should be sharp to be able to cut the weeds at the roots.

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Because May is often very sunny, spraying or watering is sometimes necessary for young and newly planted plants. You can do that with water that is already at the right temperature. Preferably, give collected rainwater from the rain barrel. That is not only practical, but also very cheap. Spraying is of course only possible with tap water. If you are going to spray, let the water rain down like fine mist.

Preferably spray early in the morning. Then the evaporation is not that big. If you spray in the evening, the plants go wet into the night and the risk of fungal infections is much bigger. During the day - especially on a sunny day - the chance of water loss due to direct evaporation the biggest. This is, therefore, less efficient in terms of water use.


Clean the pond and ensure that the plants in the pond do not displace each other. In May, you can plant all types of aquatic plants like water lilies. Give water lilies in baskets or nets slow-acting, special fertilizer for this plant group. Fight too much algae by removing it manually from the pond, or wrap it around with for example a rough stick.


May is the month in which the mole females have their babies. Therefore, they need more food, so they are very active. There is a big chance that extra molehills will now appear in your garden. If this is a huge pest in your lawn every year, you can consider different solutions. The staff from Aylings Garden Centre would love to give you advice about what to do in your situation.