Herbs have been grown in gardens for hundreds of years: most have a long history, handed down from generation to generation, with uses from medicine to cosmetics and beauty products to flavouring cooking.

They're easy-going plants which can be tucked into almost any corner of the garden, but to plunge yourself into their fascinating world dedicate a sunny spot to a herb garden. You'll find it's full of fragrance and flowers all summer: and best of all, it'll quickly become part of your daily routine to pick peppermint for your tea, marigolds to brew up some face cream, or a bay leaf or two for the evening meal.

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Herbs assortment

To start you off, here are some essential herbs for your herb garden from the wide selection in our garden centre in Petersfield:

  • Culinary: Mediterranean herbs to give your cooking flavour and colour, these include rosemary, bay, thyme, marjoram and parsley.
  • Medicinal: make teas and tisanes to boost your health and well-being with peppermint, chamomile, echinacea and lemon balm.
  • Cosmetic: moisturizing cream, hair dye, and face packs are all possible from herbs grown in your garden: try marigolds, soapwort (Saponaria), catmint and witch hazel.

Please ask the staff in our Petersfield garden centre for more information and advice about growing herbs.

Popular herbs

  • Mint: Mint is very easy to grow. But beware: this plant is a real usury. If he feels good, he feels like taking over the entire territory. So put him in pots for safety so that his roots are kept in check. Unless you like a lot of currency, of course.
    - Location: Mint likes to have enough sunlight, but it also works fine in partial shade. Place the plants 30 cm apart in moist soil.
    - Use Mint for: mint tea, couscous, fresh dressings, lamb, lemon, peas, fruit salads
  • Basil: the most common variant is basil Genovese. But there are numerous variants on this popular herb. There is already purple basil on the market, or species that contain a hint of lemon, or lime.
    - Location: basil is a real chill. During the autumn and winter you can, therefore, best grow indoors. Always put basil in a sunny spot.
    - Delicious with: tomato, mozzarella, avocado, pine nuts (in pesto), pasta, and many other Italian dishes.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary is a real seasoning in the kitchen, and very easy to grow. The plant is relatively large (up to 80 cm).
    - Pitch: a sunny, dry, and sheltered place. Preferably also with sandy soil.
    - Rosemary is delicious with stews such as ratatouille, pork roast, potato wedges, and focaccia.
  • Oregano: This herb is very nice to have in your garden, because of its nice smell (a must on pizzas!) And its beautiful purple flowers in the summer. 
    - Location: oregano is a slightly larger plant and can grow up to 1m high. Give him a sunny spot. He also does well in pots, on a sunny terrace. Make sure that the     pot is big enough so that the plant can grow easily.
    - Delicious: soft cheeses such as brie, honey, dressings, tomato, bruschetta, pizza

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Buy your herbs at Aylings Garden Centre

Visit Aylings Garden Centre near Liphook for a wide range of herbs. We also offer a lot of other garden plants as annualsperennials and shrubs. We welcome you to stroll around in our garden centre and enjoy a cup of tea and/or lunch in our Tea Room while you are here! You can found our opening hours on our contact page. We hope to see you soon in our garden centre!