Garden Lighting

Does your garden have garden lighting? Lighting up your garden after dark transforms it into an outdoor living room, so you don't have to go in just because the sun has. Once night falls, use clever garden lighting to turn your outdoor space into a theatrical stage set full of drama and intrigue.

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Benefits garden lighting

Outdoor lighting has many different functions. Besides that, garden lighting is available in many different shapes and styles. These are the most important benefits of good outdoor lighting:

  • The first goal of garden lighting is usually practical: you can see where you walk and what you do.
  • Garden lighting protects against burglars: the most important outdoor lighting near the house is usually equipped with motion sensors. Not only because it saves you a lot of electricity, but also for other reasons. This is because burglars are not at all enthusiastic about sudden lights coming on.
  • It makes your garden cosy: we offer garden lighting that creates a cosy atmosphere in your garden. Think of ground spots, wall lamps that cast a soft glow on walls or fences, or floor lamps along the paths and borders.

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Garden lighting assortment

In our garden centre in Petersfield you'll find a wide range of different lights to make your night-time garden whatever you want it to be. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Spotlight trees: you'll find many lovely architectural trees in our garden centre, beautiful enough to take centre stage: pick them out with an upward-pointing spotlight after dark and they'll leap from the shadows.
  • Pick out statues: works of art such as sculptures and statues come to life at night with lighting throwing them into sharp relief.
  • Light a little romance: torches and flares or lanterns hung over a table throw a gentle, flickering light which sets the perfect tone for an evening à deux.
  • Floating lights: turn swimming pools and ponds into oases of light with floating orbs and bowls full of candles from the range in our garden centre.

Please ask the staff in our Petersfield garden centre for more information and advice about lighting your garden.

Garden lighting_Aylings Garden Centre

Buy your garden lighting at Aylings Garden Centre

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