A rose in full bloom stops you in your tracks. It steals your heart with its paper-delicate petals and lures you in with its heady, romantic scent. Once you're truly captivated it's hard to resist filling your garden with the sumptuous butter yellows, sugar-spun pink, graceful white and blood red petals of this queen of flowers.

Roses Assortment

We're in love with roses too, so we've got a variety in our garden centre to grace every spot in your garden.

  • Climbers and ramblers like 'New Dawn' and cream 'Alberic Barbier' scramble boisterously up trellises and wire supports to clothe walls in swathes of colour.
  • Shrub roses make striking centrepieces to a border: free-flowering and highly perfumed, they'll bloom from June till September. Apricot 'Buff Beauty' or deep pink 'Comte de Chambord' are good choices.
  • Patio roses like pale pink 'Gentle Touch' or pure white 'Diamond' are dainty, smaller shrubs bred for their ability to thrive in containers. Smothered in blooms, they're long-flowering and brilliantly colourful.
  • Ground cover roses spread out in low, graceful arches to cover the ground in dense foliage and flowers. The 'Flower Carpet' series come in gold, pink, white and scarlet.

Roses_Aylings Garden Centre

Keep your roses healthy

How do you keep roses healthy? Here are some tips: 

  • Roses love sun and space. Plant them in a place with at least 5 to 6 hours of sun (or choose a species that also does it in partial shade) and where there have not been roses before (rose petals!).
  • Flowering takes a lot of energy, so give special rose fertilizer twice a year (after the spring pruning and the first flowering).
  • Water regularly, because roses are sensitive to dry soil.
  • Lice love roses, so pay attention to over-fertilization of nitrogen.
  • Use a very sharp pruning shears. It makes smooth wounds that make fungal infections less likely.

Get your roses at Aylings Garden Centre

Visit Aylings Garden Centre near Liphook for a wide range of roses. We also offer a lot of other garden plants as annuals, perennials and shrubs. We welcome you to stroll around in our garden centre and enjoy a cup of tea and/or lunch in our Tea Room while you are here! You can found our opening hours on our contact page. We hope to see you soon in our garden centre!