Traditional Sweets

Nothing says childhood like visiting a traditional sweet shop and picking your favourite sweets for the shelves! At Ayling's Garden Centre in Petersfield we have a great variety of traditional sweets available from the lovely brand Bon Bon's. They are a small business based in the little market town of Wetherby. Focusing only on hand-picked luxury confectionary. 

The attention to detail and the quality put into Bon Bon's sweets is second to none, offering nothing less than the best. We have all the classics available in our garden centre, for example:

  • Sherbert lemons
  • Rosy apples to liquorice
  • Aniseed

The sweets, are hand-made in open top copper boiling pans. Our high-quality sweet selection is just a bit different to the mass produced ranges. Our eye-catching, colourful collection truly stands out from the crowd.

Bon Bon’s sweets

Bon Bon’s is founded in 2007. The brand is very proud of ourselves because of the quality of their products. Their attention to detail is second to none and they are determined to offer the very best in class. Take the humble Sherbet Lemon for example; there are dozens of different versions of this product, which must be a testament to its cult status. Bon Bon’s could save money and buy from one of the numerous look-a-like products but they don’t. The company buys from the original producers, the ones who make it with real sherbet powder. It’s a bit more expensive and a lot more difficult to handle but something’s really are worth paying for, and real sherbet in your sherbet lemon is definitely one of them!

Check out our sweets at Aylings Garden Centre

Also curious about our other food products? Check out the Food Selection page for our other products as New Forest Ice Cream and Cottage Delight jams. Come and visit our Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield, near Trotton, to get your favourite food products. You can also combine your visit to enjoy a cup of tea and having lunch in our Tea Room. Check our openings hours and location at our contact page. Do we see you soon in Petersfield? 


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