A selection of Bark

  • Landscape Bark

    Landscape Bark

    Perfect for creating low maintenance beds and borders. Helps suppress weed growth and improves moisture retention around plants. Can also be used to create rustic natural looking pathways through woodland and large borders.

    100L bag

    £9.99 / 2 for £16
  • Decorative Mini Bark

    Decorative Mini Bark

    Specially screened for a highly decorative finish. Ideal for use in containers and small decorative borders. Helps retain moisture in soil and suppresses weed growth.

    50L bag

    £6.99 / Buy 2 Get 3rd Free
  • Composted Bark

    Composted Bark

    Perfect for mulching. Revitalises tired soils and improves soil structure and drainage. Helps retain moisture and slowly releases nutrients into the soil.

    70L bag

    £6.99 / 2 for £12