Artificial flowers

Say it with flowers, and you'll always come out with the right words. In our garden centre in Petersfield you can find a wide range of artificial flowers for every occasion: as a thoughtful gift, a way to express your feelings or simply as a treat for yourself. 

  • Flowers to pay tribute, choosing a tribute from the range of artificial flowers at our garden centre is a very personal way of expressing how you feel. 
  • Small flowers for big occasions, sometimes the nicest things come in the tiniest packages! 
  • Flowers for a bride, whether it's the bridal bouquet or a blizzard of petals scattered over the happy couple, a wedding just has to have flowers! 

Please ask the staff in our Petersfield garden centre for more information and advice about buying artificial flowers.

Artificial Flowers_Aylings Garden Centre

Benefits artificial flowers

Choosing between artificial flowers and real flowers has advantages and disadvantages. A florist will always advise you to take real flowers, but you do not always have to listen to this. Choosing fake flowers also has great advantages.

  • You can choose from all flower sorts: when you buy fake flowers you can actually choose all flowers. You do not have to take into account what season it is. Although above is that it is very nice to buy flowers at the season, you can also vary nicely and you are not attached to anything.
  • Cheaper: fake flowers are often a lot cheaper than real flowers. They are also cheaper when you buy them in a large lot (something you probably do for a wedding), so you can save a lot. You can also look at companies that rent out fake flowers.
  • You can save or sell them afterwards: you can, of course, dry natural flowers, but they will not become as beautiful as they were then. A big advantage of fake flowers is that you can always keep them. If you do not know what you can do with so many fake flowers and you did not rent them but bought them? Then you can always sell them.

Artificial Flowers_Aylings Garden Centre

How to care for your artificial flowers

  • Watch out with bright sunlight: artificial flowers can lose their beautiful colors over time.
  • It may seem obvious, but: do not put them in water to make the flowers look like. Often in the stalks iron wire is processed, which then rusts.
  • Do not clean artificial flowers with water or a damp cloth. Often they are hand-painted, and moisture could damage the layer of paint. Use a hairdryer to blow the dust off.

Buy your artificial flowers at Aylings Garden Centre

Visit Aylings Garden Centre near Liphook for a wide range of artificial flowers. We also offer a lot of other products as gifts, houseplants and more. We welcome you to stroll around in our garden centre and enjoy a cup of tea and/or lunch in our Tea Room while you are here! You can found our opening hours on our contact page. We hope to see you soon in our garden centre!

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