Healthy and supremely tasty, fresh-picked fruit from the garden is one of the real luxuries of growing your own. A British climate is perfect for growing so many different types from tart rhubarb in early spring to sweet summer strawberries and crunchy autumn apples.

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Fruit assortment

We stock a huge fruit range in our garden centre in Petersfield: look out for container-grown bushes and trees to buy all year round, or in winter bare-root plants which establish in double-quick time.

  • Fruit trees to enjoy in your garden include traditional apples, pears and plums – we stock many traditional heritage varieties with outstanding flavour and fascinating histories. Look out for unusual fruits, too, like mulberries, quinces and medlars in our garden centre.
  • Berries and currants are super value, producing years of plentiful harvests from just a few plants. Gooseberries are first, fruiting from May, while currants (black, white and red) take over in summer.
  • Bare-root stock gives you a great choice of varieties. In our garden centre from November onwards, you'll find bundles of raspberry canes, fruit trees and strawberry crowns sold this way to plant as soon as you get them home.

Would you like to know more about our fruit assortment? Then visit Aylings Garden Centre. Our staff would love to help you out and provide you with more information about our fruit assortment.

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How to start growing fruit?

Do you want to grow fruit in your garden, but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, Aylings Garden Centre has some tips for you:

  • Just bringing a fruit tree and planting it in your garden is not a good idea. Be well informed by one of our expert growers.
  • Fruit trees need sufficient space and a sunny, sheltered place. They like nutrient-rich soil that can retain sufficient moisture but is well-drained.
  • Give a fruit tree a good start. Dig a large planting hole (at least 40 x 40 x 40 cm) and plant the tree carefully.
  • Without pruning no beautiful tree and no good fruiting. You can learn how to prune. Ask our Aylings Garden Centre staff for more information about the pruning.

For more tips, you can always ask our staff. They can also give you some tips about growing seeds and vegetables.

Start growing your own fruit

Are you planning to start growing your own fruit in the garden? Then visit Aylings Garden Centre! We have a wide range of different kind of fruits. You can also ask the staff in our Petersfield garden centre for more information and advice about growing fruit. We welcome you to stroll around in our garden centre and enjoy a cup of tea and/or lunch in our Tea Room while you are here! You can found our opening hours at our contact page.