Garden pests

Garden pests... In the battle against all the creepy crawlies which would like to enjoy your plants as much as you do, it's a good idea to be well-armed. You'll find everything you need to fight the good fight in our garden centre in Petersfield: keep these essentials in the garden shed and you'll be prepared at all times.

Garden pests_Aylings Garden Centre

Assortment garden pests

  • Sprays: insecticidal soap takes care of sap-sucking aphids on everything from roses to cabbages: you'll find handy spray guns in our garden centre. We also stock tree washes for getting rid of overwintering larvae and eggs on fruit trees and bushes.
  • Barriers: keep pests at bay without having to kill them: a screen of horticultural fleece around carrots keeps carrot fly away, while garlic granules, grit and copper rings deter slugs. Insect-proof mesh available off the roll or as a ready-to-use cloche keeps caterpillars and other pests off crops.
  • Organic deterrents: in our garden centre in Petersfield you'll find a range of organic methods for tackling pests, from super-effective wildlife friendly slug pellets to biological controls. We also stock a range of pheromone traps to hang among your plants for catching codling moth and other flying pests.

How to get rid of your garden plague

Aphids, snails and other creatures belong to nature and therefore also a bit to your garden. But how do you prevent them from becoming a plague? You can invite the natural enemies of pests, make sure that the creatures do not find your garden an attractive place or lure them into the trap. If the pests are nevertheless a nuisance, they are usually easy to combat using environmentally friendly means. Here are some other tips:

  • Make your garden attractive to the natural enemies of pests, such as hedgehogs and birds.
  • If you choose strong plants that fit your garden well, they stay healthy and are less prone to diseases and pests.
  • You have to push molehills into the ground as quickly as possible, so that the mole corridor is filled with earth again

Protect your garden

Please ask the staff in our Petersfield garden centre for more information and advice about dealing with garden pests. Besides garden pests, we also offer a lot of other products for your garden as, hand toolssoil and garden lighting. You can find our opening hours and location on our contact page. We hoop to see you soon at Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield! Combine your visit at Aylings with a cup of coffee or tea in our Tea Room