Watching a seed germinate and grow is a hugely exciting part of your gardening year: you hardly dare believe it's going to work, yet invariably that tiny kernel sends up a sturdy green sprout. The plants you raise from seed are always a bit special, so this year try raising something new from the hundreds of varieties from our Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield.

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Varieties seeds

At Aylings Garden Centre, we have a wide range of different types of seeds:

  • Annuals: hardy annuals like love-in-a-mist, marigolds and nasturtiums are easiest of all and provide incredibly long seasons of colour from a few seeds scattered direct into the ground in spring.
  • Half-hardy annuals include all the bedding plants: in our garden centre you'll find seed to sow under cover in spring for colourful containers all summer long including pelargoniums, petunias, surfinias and nemesia.
  • Perennials: several perennials are very easy from seed, flowering in their first year and coming back again and again. Try echinacea, rudbeckia, grasses like deschampsia and hardy geraniums from our range.
  • Vegetable seeds: our largest selection of seeds is reserved for the grow-your-own enthusiast, with every veg from cucumbers to swede. Our heritage ranges boast superb flavour, or for something completely different try exotic veg like tamarilloes.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Petersfield for more information and advice about the seeds in our range.

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General sowing tips for flowers

Flowers make garden a paradise! For people, but also for animals. Hedgehogs shelter under flowers and butterflies get their food from flowers. So, what is a garden without blooming flowers? Aylings Garden Centre is happy to help you make the sowing of flower seeds even more successful. Here are some general flower sowing tips:

  • Do not sow the whole bag of seeds at once. Divide the seeding in about three moments, this will give you a long flowering period.
  • First, loosen the soil and remove all the weeds
  • Sow the seeds at a depth that is about twice the size of the seed
  • Sow wide, so you will get a natural look
  • Mark the area you have sown, so that you know exactly where you sowed
  • Remember that birds find seeds very tasty and can eat them..

Are you ready to sow?!

Come and visit our Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield to get your seeds! Our staff would love to help you out with choosing seeds if you need any advice. Besides seeds, we also offer a lot of other products as houseplants, bulbs, annuals and many more products! You can find our opening hours and exact location on our contact page. We hope to see you very soon in our garden centre in Petersfield!

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