Trees and shrubs

Every garden should have a tree or shrub: they're not only beautiful plants in their own right, they also cast soothing shade, provide valuable privacy and often give you flowers, fruit and spectacular autumn leaf colour too. Choose trees and shrubs from the range in our garden centre to build the architectural backbone of your garden.

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Why you should buy a tree or shrub

In summer when other plants are showing off, trees and shrubs melt into the background, but they all have a moment when it's their turn to shine – often in the depths of winter when there's little else around.

Start your garden's design off on the right foot with specimen trees from the range in our garden centre. In small gardens, trees with year-round interest like the autumn-flowering cherry (Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis') really earn their keep, and evergreen conifers are a sturdy, reliable presence throughout the seasons.

Shrubs provide a framework for your garden: evergreen shrubs in particular are a constant backdrop to other plants, giving weight and depth to your design. Extend the season with winter-flowering witch hazels or Christmas box, and add explosions of summer flowers with roses, hydrangeas or flowering quince.

Reasons why you should prune your shrub

Pruning is an important part to keep your shrub healthy.. Besides that, pruning has some more benefits. These are the most important reasons why you should prune your shrub:

  • You want to achieve a better shape and way of growing shrubs.
  • The bushes or shrubs become too big.
  • Remove too low-hanging or sagging branches.
  • To improve the health of shrubs (always remove what is dead, weak and sick).
  • To stimulate the flowering of shrubs.
  • For more, better and bigger fruits.

Buy your trees and shrubs

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Petersfield for more information and advice about choosing and growing trees and shrubs. Besides trees and shrubs, we also offer a lot of other products as, container plants, bulbs and climbers. You can find our opening hours and location on our contact page. We hoop to see you soon at Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield!