Tea Room Midhurst

We have a modern tea room in Midhurst where you can come and have not just a steaming cup of coffee or tea but also a variety of traditional English meals and a good time with friends of family. The Aylings Tea Room is situated in the Aylings Garden Centre and the tea room is surrounded with the peaceful atmosphere of a nature conservatory. If that does not make your afternoon out of a busy work day special, what can? If you got any questions about our Tea room in Midhurst please contact us. 

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Delectable menus of our tea room in Midhurst

At Aylings Garden Centre, we have detailed menus available for our customers, each filled with a number of options that you can choose from depending on your mood and the time of day. We have the following menus waiting for you in our team room in Midhurst.

  • Drinks: Our drinks menu includes a broad range of items, including both hot and cold drinks. Based on popular demand, however, our drinks menu has a lot more to offer when it comes to caffeine, although all our coffee and tea items come with a decaffeinated option. We have all popular flavours of coffee available, including americano, cappuccino, latte, flat white, mocha, espresso, macchiato, and hot chocolate. We have regular cream tea served with breakfast, Earl Grey, green tea, and choice fruit and herb teas. In our stock of cold drinks, you will be able to order milkshakes and frappuccinos.
  • Breakfast: We serve breakfast until 11:30 am in our tea room in Midhurst and the menu contains traditional English breakfasts with items that include sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, baked beans, marmalades, black pudding, and a vegetarian breakfast combo. We use freshly baked bread made of organic locally grown ingredients for our meals.
  • Main Menu: Our main menu is suited for a gratifying lunch with meals that entice your palate with a variety of flavours and beautiful presentation. For your main meal dish, you can order hunters chicken, cheeseburger (with-bacon option), beef burger, veggie burger, ploughman’s, and ham, egg and skin on fries. All these meals are served with a variety of side dishes and dressings. You can also order side dishes and jacket potatoes in your flavour of choice.
  • Sandwiches: We also have a separate menu for sandwiches, baguettes and toasties all of which are served with salad garnish and thick cut crisps or coleslaw. Both the baguettes and toasties come in a range of flavours. While some of the toasties options include tuna and cheddar, bacon and brie, cheddar and ham, we have both hot and cold sandwiches available, each with its own range of flavours.
  • Desserts: Our desserts menu is made to provide a considerable set of options to our customers. Whether you are only having afternoon tea or coffee or want something sweet after a proper meal, you will find something suitable in our desserts menu. You can order a cake from a variety of flavours, tray bake, ice cream, handmade butter, cream and jam scone, or toasted teacake with butter. We also have a hot dessert option served with ice cream or custard.
  • Daily Specials: If you want something out of the ordinary, like some of our regular customers prefer, after having tried our regular menu a number of times, we have a daily specials menu which is announced every week.

Besides the Tea Room, we stock a wide range of products within our garden centre, from plants and planting material to homeware and pet supplies.

Tea Room Midhurst_Aylings Garden Centre

Enjoy the company of friends in a peaceful ambience

Aylings Tea Room is the perfect place for meeting friends for coffee or bringing the family out for lunch on a weekend. With our minimalistic decor with soothing natural hues of brown and dark green in the furniture, you will find the atmosphere very relaxing. You can also choose to enjoy your drinks or meal on our patio tables. A lot of customers prefer this in the summer when the sun is out.

Book our cafe in Midhurst for a private party

If you want to host a private party in our cafe in Midhurst, we would be delighted to assist you. Our online form will help you put in your request and our office will get back to you ASAP. Please, provide as much detail while filling the form as possible. Visit our tea room in Midhurst soon and enjoy an amazing morning or afternoon with us