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Aylings Garden Centre is a passionate, family-owned garden centre that stocks a wide range of high-quality garden products, lots of plants, professional gardening wear, the perfect gifts, all you need for your pet, outdoor furniture & much more! Aylings Garden Center is equipped with traditional featured furniture modern furniture, antique designs, and an amalgamation of different themes. Our furniture Set is specifically designed to bring elegance and beauty carnation – All in One.

There is also a lovely onsite Tea Room to enjoy anything from a coffee & cake to one of our hot food lunches!

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Onsite Tea Room

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Aylings Tea Room

Visit our lovely Tea Room while you are shopping at Aylings Garden Centre

The Tea Room at Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield has delicious hot drinks such as tea or coffee, cold drinks and alcoholic beverages such as wine or prosecco. Besides drinks, the Tea Room offers a wide range of wholesome hot and cold food. Aylings Garden Centre is here to make you feel relaxed and to make you enjoy any moment. When people love to be relaxed and chilled, we bring you the best opportunity for these moments, a Tea room specifically designed to share the joyous moments and add the propelling impacts of love to it.

Great outdoor sitting for nice sunny occasions! We also have a fantastic range of carte D’or ice creams to help enjoy the heat and beautiful sunshine.


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