Aylings Garden Centre Tea Room

Visit our lovely Aylings Tea Room while you are shopping at Aylings Garden Centre! Take a moment to relax and enjoy a dish or a drink from our great menu you can see below! We offer a lot of different meals and drinks. Besides our general list. Check also our OAP Deal! We would love to see you at our Aylings Garden Centre Tea Room. 

Drinks and food

The Tea Room at Aylings Garden Centre in Petersfield has delicious hot drinks such as tea or coffee, cold drinks and alcoholic beverages such as wine or prosecco. Besides drinks, the Tea Room offers a wide range of wholesome hot and cold food. We serve full English breakfast and butties, as well as lunch, including hot home-cooked meals, sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes, and daily specials. We have roast dinners every Sunday.

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Want to combine your morning in Aylings Garden Center with a delicious fried egg? That is absolutely possible! You can visit us for a delicious breakfast and also for an extensive lunch. For breakfast, we serve dishes like different sandwiches and toasts. Our burger and potatoes dishes are very popular for lunch.

If you do not eat meat, we also serve vegetarian dishes. For the small children, we have a menu with sandwiches and snacks. To finish your meal, you can enjoy our delicious desserts & cakes such as tray bake and homemade puddings served with custard, cream or ice-cream.