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When it comes to horse feed, it’s important to consider a few things. First, the horse’s age, health, and activity level can impact the type and amount of feed they need. Second, quality of the feed is important – look for brands with high-quality ingredients and ensure the hay is dust-free. Finally, consider the feeding schedule – horses should have access to food and water 24/7, if possible.

As for bedding, there are several types to choose from. Straw is cheap and readily available, but can be difficult to dispose of. Shavings are absorbent and easier to clean, but can be more expensive. Pellets are also absorbent, but require some effort to fluff and may be more challenging to dispose of. It’s important to maintain clean bedding to prevent health issues and ensure the horse’s comfort. Additionally, be careful with aromatic woods or cedar oil products, which can be harmful to horses.

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Pallet Sized Haylage Bales

We can order in pallet sized haylage bales from a local farm. We can deliver when you order 4 – 6 bales at once. Please fill out our contact form below for quote / availability.