Pebbles & Cobbles

Pebbles and Cobbles, whether loose or inlaid, offer an exclusive and natural vibe and look. 

Whether you would like to fill a small or large area, use it as edging, covering for a flower bed or as additional decoration for water features, pebbles and cobbles are suitable for any project! 

A selection of Pebbles & Cobbles

  • Scottish Cobbles

    Scottish Cobbles

    Rounded cobbles featuring a variety of colours: brown, red, grey and cream. 

    Meadow View
    £6.99 / 3 for £20
  • Scottish Pebbles

    Scottish Pebbles

    The vibrant colours of these pebbles become more apparent when wet. Therefore, it's great for ponds or water features! 

    Meadow View
    £5.99 / 3 for £15
  • Tuscan Beige

    Tuscan Beige

    Flat and smooth off-white pebbles.

    Meadow View
  • Tuscan Rainbow

    Tuscan Rainbow

    Naturally rounded sandstone pebbles in red and orange. 

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