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Alexander Rose Sorrento Corner Set manufactured by Alexander rose adds the intriguing outlook by weaving the best fiber and adding the firm teak wood for the steady outlook is the best up till now in the market. The Alexander Rose Sorrento Corner Lounge Sofa Set is a luxurious outdoor teak plank corner set that not only oozes pure comfort, but is also complete class. Even the deep seating, ‘All Weather’ quick dry cushions can be left outside all year round. This superb designer ‘L’ shaped garden set is made with high quality.. Thick, solid, teak planks are machined and sanded to a silky-smooth surface to create this strikingly beautiful coffee table top, which then sits on top of a strong frame base. This table is large and impressive, making it perfect for entertaining in outdoor. This exceptionally spacious furniture is the perfection in imperfection and the most dazzling relax set with grace at its typifying.

Designs of Alexander Rose Sorrento Corner Set:

With the chunk of durability and with the magic of the comfy zoning, we are here with Alexander Rose Sorrento Corner Set, that can help you relax, smile and gleam. The Sorrento collection comprises of modular sofa sections, an ottoman, coffee table, In order to achieve a beautiful slatted back feature that epitomizes the Sorrento, Alexander Rose have chosen 100% FSC certified sustainably sourced Teak. The modular element means the possibilities for combinations are endless. The deep seating luxurious cushions have been upholstered with high quality Agora fabrics. Sorrento is 100% FSC certified Teak and comes with a 10 year warranty. If left untreated Sorrento will mellow to a beautiful silver/ grey appearance. The Timber Protector will keep it close to the original Teak colour and add a soft gloss.

Features of Luxury Alexander Rose Sorrento Corner Set

Following are the features of Luxurious customized Alexander Rose Sorrento Corner Set that make us eclat, profound with the perfection and dynamic areas: • Sanded Teak • Special cushion design • Modular design • Eco-friendly • Durability to its peak • Deep seated cushions • Amazingly looking sturdy frame • Amazing and reliable quality. • Competitive prices. • Long-lasting materials used. • Color scheme mingling with design of the Sofa sets • Patterns unique like the schemes

Special features to feast your eyes:

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