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Alexander Rose 3M Teak Plank Dining Set duly manufactured by Alexander Rose brings the best outlook with elegance dripping and making the scenario filled with warm vibes is the thing we long. Alexander Rose 3M Teak Plank Table and chairs are known for its firmness and for 100% FSC certification. Being the spacious functional and attractive garden furniture, Alexander rose teak plank table and chairs are designed with solid teak wood to add the eclat feature. Deeply padded Agora BRUMA Cushions sit on a solid frame with a curved feature backrest. The Lounge Chair’s come in Dark Grey, adding the unique feature of being functional and a module of attraction – all at once.

Designs of Alexander Rose 3M Teak Plank Table and chairs:

With the chunk of durability and with the magic of the soothing zone, we are delighted to have the uniquely weaved timber wood to add enchanting vibes with Alexander Rose 3M Teak Plank Dining Set, that can help you relax, smile, and think. It is designed to be the epitome of perfection, The Teak plank table is most defiantly the best dining table on the market. The solid Cordial chairs with marine-grade olefin rope are beautiful and have a soft rubber core giving faster drying time. Cordial chairs produce some of the most pleasing Garden Furniture on today’s market, and the expert design team at Alexander Rose has not failed to impress with the Alexander Rose 3M Teak Plank Table and chairs Range.

Features of Luxury Alexander Rose 3M Teak plank Table and chairs:

Following are the features of the Luxurious customized Alexander Rose 3M Teak Plank Set that make us eclat, profound with the perfection and dynamic areas:

• 150kg Table • Teak wood stands making it unique • Special cushion design • Modular design • Eco-friendly • Durability to its peak • Deep seated cushions • Amazingly looking sturdy frame • Amazing and reliable quality. • Competitive and flexible prices. • Long-lasting materials used.

Special features to feast your eyes:

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