Napoleon Rogue® SE 525 Gas Barbecue

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When the life seems hard and makes you feel down, its the best time to celebrate joys and endure the pains with barbecue nights. But what if your cooking skills are hardest to pass? No worries, with the inspiring features and ease of handling, we are here bringing the perfect rogues for your never-ending cooking vibes. Either its one-night outdoor cooking era, or the celebration of some hard time passing refreshing aura, Aylings Garden Centre is here to cherish the karma. Napoleon Rogue 525 BBQ is here with the durable featuring of optimal thermostat, the sustainable working to keep the food tasty, ready to cook and relish the memories. While you fear about being the worst, it’s your time to embrace being the best! Here at your service with premium features in cheapest price but with the long-lasting specs is Napoleon Rogue 525 BBQ!

Diverse collection of Napoleon Rogue 525 BBQ:

Cooking with gas is the easiest, most convenient way to fire up a meal. Plug in the Rogue® SE 525 and in less than 20 minutes you’ll be ready to grill steaks, burgers, pork chops and so much more. The integrated sear burner produces super-hot flames that instantly sear meat for that delicious, grilled flavor. The price tag may seem a little high but it’s an investment well worth it. When people endure pains, we create vibes and chop the meat into several pieces to bring the most tasty and refreshing barbecue. The Napoleon Rogue 525 has been upgraded and redesigned to provide the best grilling experience ever. It features a new, wider, one-piece stainless steel grate that’s so durable you never have to replace it. A new thermostat control makes it easier than ever to find the right temperature. Plus, with a range of 29000 BTUs, you get a perfect sear on your steak every time. This gas grill must only be used outdoors in a well-ventilated space and must not be used inside a building, garage, screened-in porch, gazebo or any other enclosed area. To make your meat grilled in your perfect ideology is what we fantasize and making you chill with grilling at your best is what we idealize.

Features of Luxurious Napoleon Rogue BBQ:

Cooking is all about the best experience by mingling spices and adding variety of meat products to grill in no time is the best thing. To add fervour in the cooking and help you cook innovative dishes by grilling is through our premium featured Napoleon Rogue 525 BBQ. Here are few features that holds our customers: • Versatility of designs • Long-lasting, ease of handling and in reasonable prices. • Warranty Information • Limited 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty • Heat Input: 6 Burners: 26.1 kW • Fuel Type: Propane gas • Burners: 6 Burnes • Primary Cooking Area: 46cm x 73cm • Cooking Surface Configuration: Stainless steel iconic WAVE™ cooking grids • Features: Capacity to cook for up to 15 people • Rear rotisserie burner • JETFIRE™ ignition system • Dual-level stainless steel heat distribution system • Folding side shelves • ACCU-PROBE™ built-in temperature gauge • High-top lid • Side mounted condiment basket • Integrated tool hooks • Built-in propane tank ring • Illuminated ergonomic control knobs • Assembly: Yes • Sustainable and economical

Special features to feast your eyes:

· With your sorrows and by your joys, Aylings Garden Centre is here with the best quality Napoleon Rogue 525 BBQ and other exterior furniture stock. · Heat Input: 6 Burners: 26.1 kW · Fuel Type: Propane gas · Burners: 6 Burners · Primary Cooking Area: 46cm x 73cm · Cooking Surface Configuration: Stainless steel iconic WAVE™ cooking grids · Our administrative dept. or experts will show you the sample with no obligation to buy and every item is available on the website to check out. · We have the best deals and 100% customer satisfaction. We are available for you 24/7 to make your product look antique, modern and long lasting. Want to surf more? Click on the link to check out the diverse collection and cart your favorite set. Its your time to gleam bright and stay protective with Napoleon Rogue BBQ.
Dimensions available:
The Napoleon Rogue SE 525 BBQ consists of: · Dimensions: Lid closed: 123cm x 154cm x 63.5cm (H x W x D) · Lid open: 160cm x 154cm x 63.5cm (H x W x D) · Shelves down: 123cm x 127cm x 63.5cm (H x W x D) · Weight: 79kg


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