Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7m Round in Class 2 Stone Grey Colour


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While we all face worst scenarios, we gets melted by one single action in the torrid times. To make the best shades glow, we all seek shading that can make us feel cold, calm and relaxed in their shady life. Aylings Garden Centre is known to be the shade in the torrid situations, bringing the calmness in blistering vibes. Glatz Alu Twist Parasol is known for its twisty beauty, elegant design and economical range. Further, with the ergonomic slide the roof opens and closes easily and provides shade where it’s needed. What’s more, the elegant, slightly curved border of the fabric adds a modern touch to the outdoors and it can be perfectly combined with the giant sunshades from GLATZ. The frame, made of aluminium, has a profiled pole and the fabric is replaceable and self-tautening because of the flexible rod ends. With the perfect and astonishing features, Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7m Round in class 2 is to make you feel gleam!

Diverse collection of Glatz Alu Twist Parasol

With the twists and torrid situations of life, we seek shade in the premium featured shady furniture, providing us calm breeze with its soothing shade. Glatz Alu Twist Parasol wide range of designs, colors and dimensions are available at Aylings Garden Centre to provide the best shading immersed in the modern outlook. Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7 m Round dimensional, The ALU-TWIST® parasol is elegant and versatile. When opened at its fixed height, a unique twist 2.7m mechanism can angle the sunshade canopy up to 45 degree. Check out the premium features, glowing aspects and long lasting specs of Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7m in diverse colors.

Features of Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7m Round:

To have the cool breeze smooch your cheeks, Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7m Round in wide ranged colors is looking forward to have your attention. Here are few features that holds our customers to purchase the best for them.

• Versatility of designs, patterns, and themes.

• Easy adjust function to alter as per height

• This parasol can be left outside all year round

• Diverse collection with quality fabric used

• Long-lasting, comfy and in reasonable prices.

• Tilts left and right to 45° angle

• Height Adjustable to create shade against the low evening sun

• Aluminium Frame and Pole – lightweight, strong and rust resistant

• Teflon™ Protected Canopy

• Spring Loaded canopy rod ends to keep fabric taut

Special features to feast your eyes:

· To feast the eyes, we endure the best fabrics and with the best designs to make you intrigued enough to purchase at first glance.

· Our administrative dept. or experts will show you the sample with no obligation to buy and every item is available on the website to check out.

· We have the best deals and 100% customer satisfaction. We are available for you 24/7 to make your product look antique and long lasting.

Glatz Alu Twist Parasol 2.7m Round is looking forward with its elegance to be at your garden, making you classy and feel equipped with modern furniture.


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