Royce Junior Square 2.5×2.5m Cant – Poly Carbon & Cover


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While we all finds it hard to breathe in the worst or torrid situations, we seek shelter under the most reliable featured furniture. In the chaotic lives, these canopies provide us shade and shoulder to cry, either its midnight or scorching daylight. The Norfolk Leisure 2.5m Square Royce Junior Cantilever Parasol is ideal for smaller sets & where there isn’t enough space for the larger Royce Executive. Use it with outdoor sofa sets that require a free standing parasol or contemporary dining sets with glass or stone table tops that have no parasol hole. The parasol has all the elements of the executive range with an anthracite aluminium frame & heavy duty polyester canopy which comes in a choice of colours. It has an easy action handle for rear tilting & full rotation using the foot pedal. Royce Junior Square is a folding canopy supported by metal ribs that is mounted on a metal pole. It is designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight.

Diverse collection of Royce Junior Square

To add elegance in outlook and make you unique even in the chaotic situations, Royce Junior Square is here. Royce Junior Square wide range of designs, colors and dimensions are available at Aylings Garden Centre to providing the best shading immersed in the modern outlook. The diverse collection of Royce Junior Square 2.5 x 2.5 is known to be used with outdoor sofa sets that requires a free standing parasol or contemporary dining sets with glass or stone table tops that have no parasol hole. Cart with Aylings Garden Centre to fill your garden with modern canopy of Royce Junior Square, adding elegance!

Features of Royce Junior Square

Making your dining set fit and unique, we have Norfolk designed Royce Junior Square to make you fill with elegance. Here are few features that holds our customers to purchase the best for them.

• Versatility of designs, patterns, and themes.

• Easy adjust function to alter as per height

• This parasol can be left outside all year round

• Diverse collection with quality fabric used

• Long-lasting, comfy and in reasonable prices.

• Canopy – High Grade Polyester 300g/m2 with air vents.

• Canopy colour is soft grey.

• High light fastness & rot resistant.

• 360 rotation to any position required.

• Easy Handle: Convenient system for opening and closing the parasol locking device, securing the parasol in any tilted position.

• Tilt Function to providing shade regardless of the sun position.


Special features to feast your eyes:

· To feast the eyes, we endure the best fabrics and with the best designs to make you intrigued enough to purchase at first glance.

· Our administrative dept. or experts will show you the sample with no obligation to buy and every item is available on the website to check out.

· We have the best deals and 100% customer satisfaction. We are available for you 24/7 to make your product look antique and long lasting.

Feel yourself comforted by Royce Junior Square 2.5×2.5m Cant and feel yourself equipped with the updated parasol in economical range!


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