Gro-Sure Smart Seed 250sqm


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The lawn seed that’s guaranteed to grow*
Reduces seed losses due to erratic watering
Aqua gel soaks up to 400 times its weight in water
Keeps working for the whole season
*when pack instructions are followed
Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed is a unique blend of hard wearing lawn seed varieties that’s perfect for overseeding worn grass or filling in patches.

For improved germination, seeds are treated with Aqua Gel technology. Aqua Gel absorbs 400x its weight in water, and slowly releases water back to the seeds to help with germination. Aqua Gel is also an excellent bird deterrent as well as containing plant hormones to stimulate growth. Apply during April to September at 40g/sqm on well-prepared, fertilised soil. Gro-Sure Smart Lawn seed is ideal for sowing a new lawn or to overseed an existing lawn.


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