Bartholomews Colonels Sunflower Hearts 13Kg


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Bartholomews Colonels Sunflower Hearts 13Kg

Sunflower Hearts are  Known for their high amounts of oil content, making them a perfect solution of energy and heat for wild birds. Being huskless means less mess and greatly reduced waste, as these seeds are eaten by all species of birds. The seeds that get narrowly missed bythe birds and drop to the floor, attract and feed your Hedgehog visitors! Ideally fed in a seed feeder, however it can be fed from the ground or on a table. These sunflower hearts are very popular and birds love them! Sunflower hearts generate very little waste compared to the other seeds, due to the fact that the outer husk is already removed. Being huskless means that they are easier for birds to consume and also have the benefit of leaving very little waste on your lawn or patio. Sunflower hearts are a eruption of joy that is very high in both protein and calories. Sunflower hearts tend to attract: robins, starlings, green finches, siskins and goldfinches.

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