We have installed a safety screen by our till, to ensure face to face contact is protected and safe.


We have ensured that all seating areas are within government guidelines with safe distancing… we have allowed enough space to avoid the possibility of congestion or people getting too close, Tables can not be re-arranged inside… outside can we arranged for a table of 6.


Our aim is to allow as much air-flow as possible when possible ( Due to weather conditions ) 

Outdoor Seating:

We have provided outdoor seating for our customers at their own choice… If the weather changes we can not provide seating in doors if currently full.


We will have clear Instructions within the tearoom, to make sure all customers are not left confused / Lost, whilst trying to enjoy their day out.


We will be providing hand sanitiser on the door for customers to use upon entry. Our staff will be wearing masks / visors with gloves when clearing / serving the tables.


We are reducing the menu size for the time being and will be reviewed weekly, we are also making sure all menu’s are wiped over after each customer.

Track & Trace:

Due to government guidelines we are required to take contact details and store them for the time required by the government.


We have created a system to avoid queueing / congestion… we will ask each customer to sit at a table which has been cleaned, then we will come to the table to take the payment / orders.


The Toilets will be reopened to customers, which will also be monitored and cleaned on regular intervals.


We are taking cleaning surfaces very seriously… after each customer a member of staff will clean over the table / chairs and provide all items ready for the next customer, within the kitchen the staff will be regularly cleaning after themselves.

Drinks / Extras:

We are not allowing customers to help themselves to items from the drinks fridge, on the menu will have all cool drinks listed for selections plus any condiments will be supplied before or requested when ordering.

Upon Entry:

You will be seated by a member of staff when you arrive, this is to ensure you are seated on a table which has been cleaned all over before use.

Entry / Exit:

We have created a entry / exit system to stop congestion… we will have clear markings to show where each of these are


Unfortunately during this tough time we have to make sure all children are supervised by their adult, this is to make sure we don’t have household mixing etc